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Basket Order Video Tutorial (Hindi | English)
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Introduction :
Basket Orders are useful when you want to place a bunch of orders for your hedging requirement or any other strategy requirement.

1. Select the Exchange in which you wish to place your basket order.
2. You can place basket of orders only for 1 exchange at a time. To place orders in multiple exchanges, you need to place multiple basket orders, one for each exchange. 3. Search the instrument or equity or commodity or futures/options that you wish to trade into.
4. Select various other parameters related to order and enter your prices.
5. Total Quantity / Lots : Provide the total quantity that you want to trade into. (ex: u want to but 500 shares of Reliance between, you will put 500. Similarly, if you want to buy 5 lots of Reliance in 5 different orders, you will put Lots as 5)
6. Now, you can click on add button to add the orders to the basket.
7. Finally, click on "Place Basket Orders" to place all these orders at the same time.
8. Make sure, your web browser's Popup blocker is turned off.