Options Strategy Design with Max Profit/Loss                     

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  1. BUY orders will be placed before Sell Orders.
  2. Max Profit/Loss will be checked only once per minute. Actual PNL may vary from your configured Max Profit/Loss.
  3. Any technical glitch with Aliceblue API may affect the working of this tool.
  4. If you observe any technical issue, delete the strategy and exit positions manually from Aliceblue trading terminal.

How to use this tool ?
  1. Use 1st row to select options & 2nd row for Futures.
  2. Enter strike price of option to populate the CE & PE of that strike price.
  3. Maximum of 10 items can be added for any strategy that you want to design.
  4. You can design only options, options + futures or only futures strategy as per your requirement.
  5. You can design strategy and place orders to your favorite broker like Zerodha, Upstox, Aliceblue, Fyers & Zebu.
  6. All orders will be placed by default as Intraday(MIS) orders.

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