Long Straddle BANKNIFTY       

ActionContractOption Type@ 9:30CMPResult
Buy 1 lot BANKNIFTY2070922700CE 22700 CE 177 158 400
Buy 1 lot BANKNIFTY2070922700PE 22700 PE 137 102 -700
Profit (in ₹): -1080 INR  |   Max Profit (in ₹): 340 INR  |   Max Loss (in ₹): -1140 INR
  1. The Profit & Loss are evaluated only once per minute. The ups & downs in PNL during 1 minute is not considered in evaluation.
  2. Due to high volatility and price fluctuations, exit orders which are executed at market price may incur more losses than configured PNL.
  3. Dont mix manual trading & algo trading. If orders / positions created by algo are handled manually, the algo may perform in unexpected manner.
  4. If you wish to manually handle the trades, make sure you first logout from algo and then handle the trades manually.
  5. Dont double click on "Execute order" button. Else, it may result in multiple orders being executed in your account.
Max Profit: 2000, Max Loss: 500

Error Tab
Unlimited profit, Limited loss strategy. Preferred usage on Monday / Friday.