No Brain Options Selling in BANKNIFTY       

  1. The algo is designed for Banknifty option selling.
  2. The algo will run only if there is credit balance of more than 10000 available in account. With funds less than 10000, algo will not run.
  3. This is option selling strategy, so maximum benefits will be achieved during Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
  4. If you wish to manually handle the trades, make sure you first logout from algo and then handle the trades manually.
  5. You can start and stop the algo anytime. If you stop the algo, all the open orders and positions has to be squared off manually.
  6. There is no guarantee of profit at the end of day.
Account Plan Margin 1 lot Brokerage
Traditional 8000-9000 20/- per lot per trade
Freedom 20 (F20) 16000-17000 20/- per order

This is unlimited profit, unlimited loss strategy. Adviseable to use algo on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.