I, started this website around mid 2009 back as an effort to share knowledge of stock market and technical analysis for free to the retail/novice investor/trader. The idea behind bringing this website was to provide most of the knowledge that I gain to others for free and help them achieve their goals in stock market.
        The idea behind this website is to share as much free knowledge about technical analysis as possible.
        If you have any technical knowledge, strategy and would like to share that with others, drop me your analysis / strategy / study at pivottrading_dot_net@yahoo.com and I will try to include them here if it is worth for others.
        If you have any excel tools, calculators, reports that others can use, send me. I will try to publish them here if it does not violates any copyrights and if it is worth for others.
        Only WhatsApp on +91-9869197289. . No Calls please !!!!! Unless its very urgent..... I wont be able to entertain the call at all times.
- Sourabh (Founder)