Advanced Volatility Calculations


1. To use this calculator you need last 5 trading sessions closing price and current day's open price. This calculator can be used at anytime during the day.
2. Now let us see how to use this calculator. Lets say i want to find the buy and sell levels for Nifty Futures for today.
3. I will first see the close price of Nifty Futures for previous 5 days. (We put this prices in the given fields)
4. The volatility is automatically calculated based on previous 5 day data.
5. I calculate the levels using the button.
6. I get the message buy and sell levels with 4 targets and stoploss.
Live Example of this system
We are trading on 14th July 2010, the values for Nifty Futures for last 5 days were
Day 5 : 5744.60
Day 4 : 5672.30
Day 3 : 5617.05
Day 2 : 5539.95
Day 1 : 5599.75
Open: 5574.4
We get the below Levels

On 14th July, first sell triggered at 5557.17. Target 5546.52 achieved. Low for 14th July was 5546.10.
Again, same day, buy triggered at 5591.63. Targets 5602.28, 5617.21, 5636.74, 5647.39, 5565.78 all got achieved.
High for 14th July was 5667.05.

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