Indicators Candlestick Patterns
Moving Averages
Weighted Moving Average
Variable Moving Average
Triangular Moving Average
Simple Moving Average
Exponential Moving Average
Envelopes (Trading Bands)
CCI - Commodity Channel Index
Bollinger Bands
Average True Range
Directional Movement
Stochastic Oscillator
Linear Regression Lines
Money Flow Index
Parabolic SAR
Percentage Retracement (% R)
Price Oscillator
Price Rate of change
Volume Rate of change
Three black Soldiers
On Neck - Line
Three Black Crows
A Bearish continuation Pattern
Trading the Unique Three River Bottom Pattern
Meeting Lines
Trading the Upside Gap Two Crows Pattern
Abandoned Baby
Evening Doji Star
Morning Doji Star
Evening Star
Doji Star
Dark cloud cover
Piercing lines
Inverted Hammer
Bullish Harami Cross
Bearish Harami
The engulfing-bullish and bearish
Hammer and Hanging Man
Hammer and Hanging Man