No Brain Gold Mini Futures AI Trend Follower Tool              

Fridays are mostly range bound days in MCX. There are chances of bad performance on Friday.

  1. The tool is designed for MCX Gold Mini Futures.
  2. This tool works on trend following system with trailing stoploss as high/low of last few minutes. The tools works good in trending or directional movement. During range-bound or volatile movement, the performance is not good.
  3. Orders will be place after 9:30 am. You can activate the tool before 9:45 or anytime during the day. Adviseable to activate tool before 4 pm.
  4. The tool will run smoothly only if there is sufficient margin in your trading account. Please check margin details tab for more information.
  5. In case of insufficient funds, orders may get rejected and the performance of tool may be disrupted.
  6. If you wish to manually handle the trades, make sure you first logout from tool and then handle the trades manually.
  7. You can start and stop the tool anytime. If you stop the tool, all the open orders and positions has to be squared off manually.
  8. There is no guarantee of profit at the end of day.
  1. You must keep noOfLots x 50000 as free balance in your trading account.
  2. Example: If you configure No of Lots as "5", then you must have 5*50000 = 2,50,000 rs in your trading account to run the tool smoothly.

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